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Panopticon Bill
Note. C.

Leading Points. Notes
relative to the necessity of such of the provisions as have for their object the reduction

In the course of this business I have found myself under a necessity of taking upon me a variety
of burthens, I mean pecuniary ones (for I take no account of trouble) in addition to those contained in my offer. What I ask is, not an indemnity for the expence, nor for any part of it, but only
a favourable ear for such provisions for their object the reducing the amount of it. I mean
the articles of Law-charges and Postage as above mentioned.

Among those burthens are the following.
—1. An extension of the obligation in respect of indemnification - money.
—2. A fixation of the quantum of the Super-annuation-Annuity - money, at an increased amount, whereby,
instead of laying a "foundation" for a provision for old age, it shall amount to a sufficient provision of
—3. The obligation of providing for the Metasylum-men, sick or well, strong or infirm, taking my
chance now , for their ability and willingness to earn their wages.
— 4. The expence of corresponding with Parishes all over England in relation to the settlements of
the Prisoners, and the expence of litigation in case of disagreement.
5. The expence of correspondence for various purposes in relation to such of them as shall have
found Friendly Guardians.
—6. The assurance of not getting their labour at the Metasylum at any thing under the current price. This
is the natural and intended result of the provision for giving Characters from year to year, worded for
the purpose, to such as shall be found deserving of it. Though a discretion is absolutely necessary, in
consequence of which the obligation can not be made binding in point of law, it will not be the less
binding in effect, as well upon me as upon any successor of mine who may regard honour as an object
worth preserving. As, in consequence of these Characters, the Metasylum will be a sort of
Register-Office, where Masters will be coming in abundance to bid against me for good hands, &
as most of the works will be new inventions of my Brother's, it is not ordinary wages,nor perhaps
any wages, that will keep a skilful workman with me. The leavings of the public will
therefore be all that I can depend upon. This disadvantage I have taken upon me with my
eyes open, to save the plan from the reproach of keeping men in a state of perpetual servitude.

These burdens taking together form no trifiling concern: and what makes it the more formidable,
is, the extreme uncertainty of the amount. But, conceiving myself to have been liberally dealt
with, it would have been unjust to the public, and if I may be allowed to say so, repugnant to my
nature, to have omitted any thing which seemed necessary to the giving the plan such a degree
of perfection as lies within the reach of my facilities & my views.

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