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Panopticon BillSettlement 7
— or provisional, indicating further
evidence —

Art. 7. And Whereas by reason of obscurity or uncertainty in such

evidence or by reason of prevarication in the same doubts may in the course of such
examination have arisen which said doubts if communicated to the parties interested
might by means of the local knowledge of such parties or otherwise be effectually cleared
up And Whereas in the course of such examination reasonable grounds might arise
for supposing the existence of other evidence, inasmuch as the facts deposed must if
true have been known to certain other persons so to be: at the same time that either
by reason of distance or for want of jurisdiction on the part of such Justices it may
happen that the evidence of such persons can not for the purpose of such examination
be obtained: whereby, although upon the face of such evidence as hath been received,
the said Justices may conceive themselves bound so long as such evidence remains single &
uncontradicted, to adjudge the Settlement of such prisoner to be in a certain Parish, yet
if the whole of the existing evidence could be heard it might according to the judgment
of such Justices it might turn out that in truth such Parish would not be justly
chargeable Be it enacted that in case of any such doubts as also in case of any
such prospect of counter or other ulterior evidence such Justices are required upon the
face of every such examination to report the same, as also thereto to subjoin any
observations which the said examination shall have suggested and which in their
judgments appear calculated to contribute to the full discovery of the matter of fact
in question, or to the establishing or disproving the veracity of the testimony on
which such their provisional adjudication hath been grounded: which said adjudication
may accordingly be stiled a provisional adjudication upon the face thereof.

Quadruplicates to be made
1. The Parish charged
2. Sessions of the County where
the Parish lies
3. Sessions deputing
4. Governor —

Art. 8. Of such Order of adjudication there shall be quadruplicates: of which
one shall be kept by the Governor of the Penitentiary House: and the three others

transmitted by him, one to the General Sessions of the Peace for the County
in which the same is situated, another to the General Sessions for the County
in which the Parish so charged is situated, and the other to the Overseers of the
Poor for the Parish so charged: and the same shall by the respective Clerks of
the Peace be filed among the Records of the Courts to which they shall have been so
respectively transmitted.

Adjudication conclusive, unless
proceeded against within 3 months —

Art. 9. Such Order, having been transmitted to the Overseers aforesaid
shall if no Appeal hath within the space of three months been preferred nor other
proceeding had as hereinafter mentioned, on the part of such Parish be conclusive.

Art. 10.

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