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11 Panopticon Bill. Settlement 10
Parish charged may petition
Sessions for any County where
a Witness lives, to depute a Justice
to take supplemental examination

Art. 10. And Whereas the testimony of such examinants as aforesaid
might though in its own nature false and capable of effectual contradiction by sufficient
testimony be not capable of contradiction by evidence amenable to the local judicature
aforesaid And Whereas if such testimony however false were known to be conclusive
and exempt as well from contradiction as from punishment the ratable inhabitants of
all punishments parishes throughout England would lie at the mercy of convicted
felons And Whereas it may happen that the respective abodes of different persons
capable of bearing testimony may be in different Counties of Great Britain and at
places widely distant from each other as from the Penitentiary House and from the
Parish so charged as aforesaid Be it enacted that if the Overseers for the
Parish so charged should see ground for suspecting that the matter of fact by such
order of Adjudication supposed is in any respect not true and that accordingly the
said Parish is not the rightful Place of Settlement of the person in question and that
the evidence of any person whom they could point out would be material and likely
to rectify such error as aforesaid such Overseers may at any time within three
months after their receipt of such Order with the Examination or Examinations
thereto annexed address themselves by Petition to the General Sessions of the County
wherein such person inhabits, praying the Justices of such Court to depute some one
or more of themselves or their fellows to take the examination of such person:
which said Petition may be stiled a Petition for subsidiary examination, and may
be according to the Form marked [I. 1.] and shall be accompanied by a true copy
(attested as such by the person or persons by whom such letter shall have been signed)
of such order of adjudication as aforesaid with the examination or examinations
thereto annexed.

Sessions to depute a
neighbouring Justice accordingly—

Art. 11. The said Court of General Sessions shall upon receipt of such
Petition proceed to make such deputation accordingly: choosing in preference among
the Magistrates in the neighbourhood of which they understand to be the abode of such
intended examinant one of the nearest of any by whom the said business can with
equal fitness and convenience be performed: which said deputation may be according to
the Form marked [I. 2.].

Examination to be transmitted
to the Parish so petitioning—

Art. 12. Such Magistrate shall, as soon as conveniently may be, proceed
to take such examination or examinations accordingly; causing the same to be signed by
the respective examinants and the same or a true copy thereof being attested by him
as such shall forthwith transmitt (which he may do by Post) to the Overseers as
aforesaid [according to the direction given as aforesaid.]

Art. 13.

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