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Panopticon Bill.Settlement.

Art. 31. So also in the case of a Superannuation Annuitant: and
So in the case of a
Superannuation Annuitant --

that whether such Annuitant be or be not or have or have not ever been under
engagement in the Metasylum.

Art. 32. If such stoppage as can be made as aforesaid be not in the
-- and if such stoppage be insufficient,
make an Order of Assessment
for supplemental allowance

judgment of such Justice sufficient to the making full provision for such charge,
the said Justice shall thereupon proceed to make an Order of Assessment for supplemental
: declaring what sum per week will in addition to such stoppage
be necessary and sufficient for the said purpose: and may moreover at the instance
of the Governor subjoin an eventual Order of Assessment for supplemental allowance
prescribing what increase or diminution shall be made in the quantum of such subsidiary
allowance in the event of an increase or diminution as well in respect of the
burthensomness of such family as in respect of the pecuniary ability of the Metasylum
man or woman in virtue of his or her wages or otherwise.

Art. 33. Of every such Order of Assessment there shall be delivered to
Quadruplicates of such Order
viz: for
1. Penitentiary House
2. Metasylum
3. Parish charged
4. Sessions for County where
Metasylum is --

the Governor quadruplicates: two to be kept by him the one at the Penitentiary
House among the muniments thereof, the other at the Metasylum: the two others
to be transmitted by him, the one to the Overseers of the Parish charged; the other to
the Clerk of the Peace for the County in which the Metasylum is situated.*
*Friendly Society
Act §. 20.

Art. 34. And for the regular remittance of the amount of such supplemental
allowance as aforesaid Be it enacted that on the next quarter
Governor's advance thereon to be
liquidated quarterly, allowed by
Order of a Justice, and paid by
Parish (with interest) within a
month after notice --

day after notice given of such Order of Assessment to the Overseers of such Parish
or so soon after as may be, an account of the moneys expended by the Governor
on account of such allowance up to such quarter day shall be made out by the
said Governor: and so toties quoties on every succeeding quarter day: and such
account being after due examination allowed and signed by any one Justice as aforesaid
shall be transmitted by the Governor to the said Overseer in manner as aforesaid:
and the amount of such account so allowed shall by the said Overseers be remitted
to the Governor at the Metasylum or at his option to the Penitentiary House
[which may be done through the medium of the Post Office in manner herein
after mentioned] within one month after such account shall have been received
by them or any of them: to which amount shall also be added interest upon the
same, reckoning from the quarter day aforesaid to the day on which the money
shall be received by the said Governor as aforesaid.

Art. 35.

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