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Panopticon Bill.Settlement.

Art. 35. Upon the receipt of such Account or within a month thereafter
Appeal from Order of Assessment
and Order of Allowance
together, to Sessions of County
where Metasylum is --

the said Overseers may appeal as well from the Order of allowance of such account
as from the previous Order of Assessment as aforesaid: such Appeal to be preferred
to the sessions of the Peace for the County in which the Metasylum comes to be
situated: the proceedings to be carried on as in case of appeal from an adjudication
of Settlement as beforementioned: provided that timely notice be given to the Governor
of such Appeal, in which notice shall be comprised a specification of the items or other
points meant to be contested in such manner that the Governor shall have had time
and information sufficient to enable him to support the same.

Art. 36. In every such quarterly account due allowance shall be made
Intermediate variation in the
quantum of the burthen, to be
allowed for --

for any increase or diminution that in the course of such quarter may have taken
place in the number of the members of such family to be provided for in the quantum
of their respective exigencies: such as for instance the birth of a child, the death
of any child or of the Mother, the arrival of any child at a period when such
child is able to support itself: the sickness of the Mother or of any chargeable
child, and the like: and the events or other matters of fact from whence any such
variation in the charge shall have resulted, shall, as far as concerns any augmentation
of such charge, be on the part of the said Governor duly verified upon
Oath: and the said Justice shall in like manner satisfy himself by examination
of all proper persons that every diminution that shall have taken place in
the quantum of such burthen hath also on the part of the said Governor been
disclosed and brought to account.

Art. 37. For the payment of the amount of every such quarterly account
Rate and Distress for supplemental
allowance money --

as aforesaid the said Overseers shall as soon as conveniently may be make a
rate and procure the same to be allowed in the same manner as such Overseers
are in general authorized & bound by law to do for the maintenance of Paupers
within the limits of their respective Parishes: and in default of payment within
time the sum contained in any such order of allowance or any such part of it
as may remain in arrear may on certificate thereof transmitted by the said Governor
be levied by distress upon the goods and chattels of any one of such Overseers
at the option of the said Governor by warrant of any one Justice.

Art. 38.

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