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No 3.
Mr Bentham to Sir C. Bunbury.

30th Jul: 1802.

Dear Sir

I do not exactly recollect — neither is it necessary — how many
weeks it is, since I had the honour of attending you at your house. At
my request you had the goodness to take charge of some papers for
Lord Pelham. They consisted of my correspondence with the present Treasury,
and a suppressed Memorial, which if Mr Long had not contrived by a
trick to sink it, would have been delivered in to the late Treasury. You said you
would make a point of seeing his Lordship, if possible, in the course
of the two or three days that remained before the day fixed for your
leaving Town, (the then next Saturday or Sunday) and you had the goodness
to add spontaneously, that you would let me know what passed.
Not having heard from you since, my conclusion is — either that some
letter of yours to me has miscarried — or that you were not fortunate enough
to catch his Lordship — or that your conversation with him was such as
it was not pleasant to report — terminating possibly by a desire of silence
on his part towards me.

The particular object of the trouble I am now giving you, is — to
beg to know what is become of those papers: as likewise to beg you would
be kind enough if they have not been sent, to send them to Lord Pelham,
or if that be not agreable to you, to return them to me as soon as you
can make it convenient. I should of course be glad to hear any thing in
relation to them, that you have no objection to communicate.

I have a communication just ready to make to his Lordship of a very
different sort, though arising out of the same business; and it will
be giving his abundance of useless trouble (not to speak of other trouble
which is of no value) if instead of referring him to those papers as
being already in his hands, I should have a long story to tell him,
about the ineffectual pains taken so long ago in the hope of getting
them there. Believe me &c


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