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P.S. Being under great difficulties and anxieties for want of knowing
what is become of these papers, I cannot but hope to receive relief
from you by return of post, as to that point; supposing you not
to have time to say any thing more. Other difficulties I have none.

No. 4
Sir C. Bunbury to Mr Bentham

Brighton August 1st 1802.

My Dear Sir
I have just received your's. The Papers I sent very soon
after I received them to Lord Pelham. I had called several times upon
him in vain, but I met him in Pall Mall, and told him I had
received from you the Papers which he desired me to send to him; at
the same time I spoke in favour of your plan, and reprobated the
treatment you had met with; I was going on when other Gentlemen came
up and interrupted us. I then said I should be glad of an opportunity,
when he had read the papers, of conversing with him more fully on
the subject. He has never sent to me, and I have never seen him since;
as, soon after I went into Suffolk, the Elections came on &c &c. But I
expect he will be here in a few days, and I intended, if I had
not received your letter, to have resumed the subject whenever he fell
in my way.

As I had nothing to tell you, but that I had delivered
the papers, as I said I would, to Lord Pelham, and as I thought
you knew me to be punctual enough to do that I said, or to give you
an account why I could not do it, I did not write to you, which I
am very sorry I did not, & hope for your forgiveness; but I certainly took
for granted
, Lord Pelham would send for you, & see you, whom he had
read the Papers, as I am sure I should have done so in his situation.
That he has not, much surprises me, & looks as if some persons had endeavoured
to prevent him, since he seemed by his manner to agree with my remarks in
your favour, though he said only he was inclined to approve the plan of
Yours &c

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