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(5 No. 6
Mr. Bentham to Sir C. Bunbury, Brighton.

9th August 1802

Dear Sir

Your sentiments have hitherto been (I believe) to a certain degree
in favour of Botany Bay: a sufficient proof to me that you are not sufficiently
apprized of the facts belonging to it. To recognize its utter repugnance
to every one of the proposed or supposed objects of it, would not cost you a
tenth part of that candour for which Panopticon was in so eminent a degree
your debtor, in its comparison with a much worthier rival. —

The perusal of the two sheets herewith sent + + Nos 13, 14. will not call for more
of your time than I flatter myself you will indulge me with. The paper
itself, of which they are the contents, is ready to follow at the first word.
There are about 60 or 70 pages of it.

As to Lord Pelham and Co. if they dare look the truth in the face,
the use of the paper to them is — that in case of a reformation on their
part, whatever may be the real motive, they may not be unprovided with
an ostensible one.

Having notice from you of its existence, if he receives it and gives an
answer to it, it is well: if not, or no positive answer comes — in a word
if he shuffles as the Addingtons did ( not to speak of his Lordship's own constantly
useless dispositions entertained for almost this twelvemonth ) to work
goes the other engine without mercy: then, if they are mad, and stand
out, they will be blown to atoms the whole gang — in and out together:
or if at any time they submitt and save their bacon, it will be at the expence
of their reputation — a prodigious slice of it.

The halter they have about their necks is such an one as I dare
venture to say there is no example of in history: for the particular degree of
its strength, I expect every hour the opinion of a Council of the first eminence.
but to know that it is strong enough to do their business, in one way or other,
no such Orcale is necessary: ed io anchio son pittore.

In the course of the eight years provocation I have endured, I think

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