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The amusement it affords me to see what turn evasion takes in
such a mind — in such a situation — and in such circumstances —
is the only satisfaction I have derived from his epistle. The two characters
in which he affects to view me, are — that of a patient labouring
under a sort of mental derangement (though, the hope is, but a temporary
one) and that of a suitor — an unfledged suitor — prone to embrace
phantoms for realities, and panting for the felicity of falling at his
feet. As to the "present state of" my "mind" you may venture to assure
his Lordship, that it is precisely the same as it was above a twelvemonth
ago, as he has seen in my papers (if he has been pleased to look at
them) — in my papers of that date — as it has been ever since — and as
it will continue to be, so long as the like impressions continue to be
made upon it by the action of the like causes. He may see the same "mind"
in the same "state" in my printed evidence, as laid, in June 1798, before
the Committee of Finance: and, if such things were worth preserving,
you yourself my good Sir, could furnish him with some copies of it, written
four years earlier, at a time when perfidy and corruption were in the
bud, and when Lord Spencer, after seating himself for the first time at
the same table with Mr Pitt, stood up and said, I am now above
the law
— Mr Pitt answering and saying So you are. — For his Lordship's
determination not to "give" me any of those "false hopes" which, in a state
of mind less compassionable, another man in my place might have
been treated with, and which I have been saved from being plied
with in consideration of the tremendous effects (those indescribable "worst
"effects") of which an application of that sort might in my place have
been productive, he is certainly not to be blamed: not indeed in
respect of any such bad effects, or any effects that any machinery
in use for the raising of such phantoms could have produced
(for all the powers of mechanism could not add any thing to
the exhibitions of that sort that have been so familiar to me for

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