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these eight years) but because no attempt in that way can be of any
use to him and his associates, whereas the abstaining from it leaves
a load the less on their character and their conscience.

Throughout the whole of the business, from the time when
the finger of corrupt and clandestine opposition was held up by the
first in the train of successive Lords, the general rule has been to
give nothing but "hopes", and those hopes "false" ones. Witness one sample
instead of a thousand: Orders — official orders (24th March 1800) to
make preparations for 2000 Convicts — these orders in a letter concerted,
between the two floors of the Treasury, for the express (and afterwards
even avowed!) purpose, of making a pretence for giving none. All
this (you say) is old and stale. The new incident then, is — that for
once — pro hac vice — this rule, is now (it seems) to be departed from:
departed from, not de jure, but ex gratia, in consideration of the
particular circumstances of this very particular case. Understand always,
provided his Lordship continues to the end in the sentiments
now professed: an expectation in which this very letter forbids me
to indulge myself.

I will tell you, my good Sir, what their plan, and what my
chance is under it: judge whether it can content me.

In the first place they fall at the feet of the "bag of oats:" +
+ A most noble Duke, whose
aspect, on the occasion of
any application made to
him which is either unpleasant
to him or unintelligible
(of which latter
sort are most applications
that are made to him) has
been depictured under that
emblem by persons who
have had more opportunities
of observing it than
I have

that gained (which is impossible) then, with that in their hand, they
fall at the feet (such feet as adders have) of the deaf adder: I mean
the pious Lord, who is so well known to take that hero of Scripture
history for his model: but lest they should fail in either — (and
they will fail in both) thence come the expeditions of discovery —
the expeditions for finding out what steps have been taken at the
Treasury, and the fears about the giving of false hopes. Shut against
every thing could be said about his land, and about the
effect of the Penitentiary Establishment upon the value of it, by his
Land Surveyor and his Land Steward, you will judge whether the ears

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