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To return to his Lordship's letter. The point I looked to in it, was —
whether, amidst so much guilt — by the former people, amidst accusations
upon accusations, never yet denied — frequently, though always in the
view of adding to it, even confessed — any symptoms were to be found,
of those regrets, which, in his situation, a man who meant honestly
and really intended to turn over a new leaf, would, in my view
of the matter, not dissemble. Finding no such indications, my exertions
— (I mean in the line spoken of in my former letters) far from being
relaxed, will be quickened, by the intended opiate. —

One thing I understand pretty distinctly: dates are to me a sufficient
proof of it. It is after taking a week to hear, and hearing accordingly,
and from the Treasury, not only what steps have been taken, but what steps
(under providence) will be taken, that he is setting out upon his expedition,
to that unknown and distant clime, for the discovery of the facts that
have been in his pocket for these six weeks. In this circumstance my
little mind, even "in the present state of it", reads the present state of
two great ones. I see terror enough in both places — not yet enough indeed
to open either of them like the little one to fearless honesty, but however
to drive gentlemen upon this fresh and speaking attempt at evasion,
instead of their former silence. I see enough to put them upon employing
the time they think they have thus gained — upon employing
it, and even in good earnest — in holding councils of war about the job
with those from whom they received it, and in those councils considering
which of the two repugnant engagements it were best to break definitively
— (the original legal engagement, or the last in the succession of illegal ones:)
and in the former event (being the most probable one) by what kind of
botchery the breach may be best cobbled. It is to this that his Lordship's
mind is "at all events" to "apply" itself: for if it had at any more
straitforward — any less crooked object — what should have hindered its
applying itself to it near a twelvemonth ago, upon the spur of those
impressions which even then it found its convenience in pretending to have

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