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received? what has it been applying itself to all this while? what is it now
applying itself to? What was it put for where it is? What did it
take the sceptre for from King Log? Was it to give him a King
Stump for Successor? —

In November last at the latest (how much earlier I know not)
Lord Pelham thought New South Wales a bad thing — he thought the
Penitentiary plan a good thing. At that same time he knew (for all
his industry could not prevent him from knowing) that it was his
duty to see to the carrying of that good thing into effect, without a
moment's further delay; and that every day lost to it was not only
a day of fraud, corruption and injustice, but a day of contempt &
disobedience to Parliament. And now it is, that at the end of nine
months from that time, after promise upon promise, and neglect
upon neglect, and after receiving papers upon papers, the object of
which was to render it no longer practicable for him not to know
what he could not but know already — now, when the post of
neglect and ignorance is no longer tenable — now it is at last that he
is to "apply his mind" to the subject, under the declared apprehension,
that any "hopes" that might be entertained of seeing his Majesty's
Secretary of State, and the First Lord of his Majesty's Treasury, do their
duty, might prove "false" ones!

One thing I should be glad to know, as to the "present state"
of that same noble mind. Is it out of doubt with him, or is it
not yet out of doubt, that there is no such virtue in New South
Wales as to quash an imperative law of Parliament, and to rescind
the engagements taken in regard to Panopticon in consequence? In
the former case, why does he not come forward with his declared
support immediately? — In the other case, why did he not call upon
me for the proffered papers, the object of which was to put an
end to all doubts? I mean always to all pretences of such doubts.
My calculation was — that, for appearances sake at least, his Lordship

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