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might wish to have it supposed, that it was by considerations relative
to the merits, that his suffrage, if favourable to Panopticon,
had been gained: that accordingly he would either read, or make
as if he had read, those papers: but in this you see already
one article in my apprehended budget of "false hopes."

If, instead of wavering between corruption and incorruption,
and to hide his indecision, pretending to be going upon sham
errands, while he was sounding the ground and looking out for
loop-holes — if, instead of this, he had decided manfully, and taken
at once the post of duty, a letter still shorter than even this short
one might have sufficed. There lies the engagement of his predecessors
for the 2000 Prisoners: there lies the Memorial (I mean the suppressed
one you put into his hands) expressive of the terms grounded
on that engagement: those very terms to which the approbation
of Mr Long had been whispered over and again to Mr Nepean,
under the determination of not granting either those terms or any
other. To send this Memorial to the Treasury, with a letter urging
compliance with the prayer of it, was and is the one thing needful
on his Lordship's part. I mean officially, and in black and white:
verbal explanations might have been sufficient for the rest. This was
exactly the course taken in 1794 by Mr Dundas, to wash his hands
of the corruption he saw even then going on between Mr Pitt, and
the first of the titled subscribers to his statue. Think not however
that I mean this as a judgment altogether, peremptory upon his Lordship's
honesty: but you see that if the badness of these "very worst
"effects" depends upon the sanguineness of my hopes, nothing very
serious is to be apprehended. I shall be upon the look out for you
at the time you have the goodness to mention. By that time sincerely
will have been manifested or disproved. More could not be done by man
than you have done. You see I have scarce left myself room to thank
you for it, or to stamp upon my gratitude the mark of
Jeremy Bentham.

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