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3. The Establishment betrayed to Ld Belgrave

incumbant on me to ask and ask in much the same way
as if I had been assured that compliance and justice would
be the result. For to every circumstance of ordinary afflication
there was this circumstance of peculiar bitterenss superadded
all along that while it was ecver so plainly impossible to get
forward to any usefull purpose it was alike impossible for
me to recede or stop, without bearing the whole blame &
this honour, as well as the whole loss and ruin upon any
devoted head.

I. Clandestine assurances to Lord Belgrave
I begin with this incident, for the reason already given,
as being a key to every other part of the history.

Fourscore Acres+ the quantity of land contained on the spot + 79 1/4
that, under the original Penitentiary Act (of 19 G.3.c.74) had Eighty Acres the
quantity engaged to JB
to be made up by
Ld Salisburys Tothill
Fields &

been appropriated by the verdict of a Jury to the Penitentiary
system under its originally intended shape was the quantity
which my own proposal had taken for its basis: this quantity
by the pledges of acceptance given to that proposal had been
engaged to me.- The quantity was in consequence the least
quantity that could be allotted to me in any situation indicated
or adopted on the part of the Treasury in lieu of
that which after having been promised over and over again
for the most conclusive reasons had been withholden without
reason assigned or assignable by a course of conduct, the particulars
of which belong not to the present purpose. This
quantity or more (it was understood) I was to have had
of land of both descriptions common and in separate ownership
taken together according to the first conception by which
that neighbourhood was pointed out, had been secured in the
first instance by an Inclosing Act in pursuance of notice
given by the Treasury to that effect.(b) The purchase of the (b) see above S.1

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