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Before A 2 Connectg Observs
3 The Establishment betrayed by Ld Belgrave

the contiguous estate of Lord Salisbury having been proposed, in 1 continued
the manner of your Lordship has seen (c) as a quicker & scarcely (a) SS.1.p
less certain expedient for compassing the same object it remained,
after the purchase of that estate had been secured,
to compleat the requisite allotment, partly out of Tothill Fields,
partly out of some contiguous lands, in a state of private
ownership: the same that have been already mentioned, and
that have been brought to view in detail, under the name
of lands the property of Mr Wise.-

To fulfill the conditions for the carrying through 2
For carrying through
Parliament the Bill
for the Inclosure of
Tothill Fields it would
be necessary to obtain
the consent of the Dean
& Chapter of the Inhabitants
the principle of which
were Lds Grosvenor &
Belgrave -

Parliament the Bill whensoever brought in for the division and
appropriation of Tothill Fields, the consent of the parties invested
viz: the Dean & Chapter of Westminster as Lords of
the Franchise, together with that of the inhabitants of the
neighbourhood, in the character of possessors or claimants of
certain rights of common, was necessary, or at least might
eventually be necessary, to be obtained. Among these the
foremost, not only in rank and eminence, but in point of
magnitude of adjacent property, stood, beyond all comparison,
Earl Grosvenor in respect of property in possession, and his
eldest Son and heir apparent Lord Viscount Belgrave, not only
in respect of property in expectancy, but in respect of actual
residence. For, the purchased estate in question - the Salisbury
Estate - is throughout its longest boundary line contiguous to
the House, the Garden, and the then new made pleasure
ground in the occupation of Lord Belgrave. Had the Penitentiary
House contained windows erected within a foot of the adjacent
windows of his Lordship's mannor House the inconvenience
would have been without any remedy, that propris jure,
could have been applied to it by Lord Belgrave.- Meantime

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