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Click Here To Edit Before A 3 Connect followg §.3 The Establishment betrayed to Ld Belgrave

J.Bs object to exempt
Ld Belgrave from
inconvenience but
this could not be
compleatly done
with out his coperation
No spot in the Salisbury
Estate so convenient
as Tothill Fields for
exempting Ld Belgrave
from inconvenience

Meantime in the instance of this noble Lord, as it
would have been in that of the meanest of his servants,
my object was — to exempt him, as far as it depended upon
myself, from every shadow of inconvenience. But in his instance
this exemption was what could not be afforded in
a degree near so compleat as otherwise, without his own
co-opperation as well as concurrence. In the whole of the Salisbury
estate not a spot could any where have been found
in which the Penitentiary House could be so effectually prevented,
from producing inconvenience to Lord Belgrave, as it
would be by being set down in a part of Tothill Fields,
which had been pitched upon by me, partly on other considerations,
partly for that very purpose: — the same spot
which is still covered by a wretched pile of half ruined
Almshouses called the Five Chimneys. Without his concurrence
I could not have prevented his desmesnes from being continually
exposed on two sides out of the four, to the view of the company
of all sorts that might at times be rolling by in
torrents, in their passage to & from the Penitentiary House.
With his concurrence, so favourable was the ground, I offered
to make such arrangements, and was content to make them
at my own expence, that not a single individual passing to
or from the Penitentiary House should ever be visible from any
part of his Lordship's grounds.

Lds Grosvenor and Belgraves
professional advisers
considered the appropriation
of Tothill Fields beneficial
to their Lordships Estate

Under these circumstances Lord Grosvenor's and Lord
Belgrave's Land Steward — their Land Surveyor — every body
whose business it was to form a professional and correct view
of the interest of the noble family in respect of that their
very ample territory were deligthed at the thoughts of the
accommodation and increased value which they saw resulting
to it from the Penitentiary Establishment, and, not suspecting
any possibility of any other conception on the part of their noble
principals, had made no secret of their opinions any where. Even

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