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Before A 4 Connectg Observ
§3 The Establishment betrayed to Ld Belgrave

J.Bs & Boodles mutual
disappointment on
discovering Boodle had
been reckoning without
his Host —

Even before the purchase of the entire Salisbury Estate had
be brought on the carpet by Mr Long and when as yet
Tothill Fields was the only object, directly and principally
in view, the Land Steward, Mr Boodle, himself a liberal
man, after a suitable eulogium, on the liberality and public
spirit of the noble inhabitant of Grosvenor (otherwise called
Belgrave) House, had bespoken a visit of me to receive the
consent & expanded arms of Lord Belgrave; and your Lordship
may imagine the surprise and mortification experienced by
the author of the invitation, as well as by the person who
had embraced it, when upon our meeting on the occasion of
that visit, it was discovered by Mr Boodle that he had been
reckoning without his Host. —

Upon the purchase
of the Salisbury Estate
J.B requested Ld Belgrave
co-operation to obtain for the
appropriatrion of
Tothill Fields —
application was made
on the part of Ld Belgrave
for a particular accommodation
which was
connected to — but
his Lordship still
inflexible —

When the purchase of the Salisbury Estate had been determined
upon as above, then came the inconveniences above described,
as the inevitable result to the habitation of Lord Belgrave,
in every event than that of his Lordships allowing
being pleased to allow me to remove them, excepting of
course the then unimagined and to me altogether inconceivable
went of the lands being purchased & not used. This
brought on a correspondence, commenced on my part, requesting
his Lordship's co-operation for that purpose. Nor came
the application of their Lordship's professional advisers for the
accommodation — The communication from which the estate was
to draw that long wished for and otherwise hopeless benefit:
thereupon came the proposition, for the requisite concurrence on
my part — a proposition followed by my consent given in the
most cordial and explicit terms the very instant it was asked.
When the time came for something to be done in consequence,
Mr Boodle, notwithstanding his renewed expectations (renewed
with additional force by the view of the accommodation it was
now for the first time in my power to give for Tothill Fields without

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