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§.3 The Establishsment betrayed to Ld Belgrave

without the Salisbury Estate would have enabled me to give it —)
Mr Boodle notwithstanding so important and favourable a change
of circumstances, found Lord Belgrave still inflexible. What,
under this fresh disappointment, could Mr Boodle say to me?
By what explanation could he make the refusal credible? Was
it to be represented to me as the choice and determination of
his Noble principal to have my Prisoners to shake hands
with him and his Lady from their Windows? In a word
for saving the occupier of that house from the otherwise inevitable
reputation of insanity — (and I took care so to put it
to him) there was but one possible expedient, which was, to
confess how it happened: — Lord Belgrave had applied for a
promise that the land (though now perhaps already purchased
should never be put to that its only lawful use: he had
applied — and he had succeeded. — The 20th of February 1800
was the day on which I received from Mr Boodle a letter
written in terms of ambiguous delicacy, to convey my
conception the unpleasant news. The 1st of March 1800 was
the day when upon a visit of mine the to Mr Boodle with
a letter for him in my hand in the event of his not
being at home, that letter of his was interpreted as written
in that view — the the intelligence confirmed to me. —

J.B. informed by
Boodle that Ld
Belgrave had
applied for a
promise that the
Salisbury Estate
should never be
employed & had

The correspondence is in my possession: & certainly on
my own part I cannot have the smallest objection to the
publication of it: — if I spare your Lordship the trouble of it
for the present it is merely as not being necessary to the
present purpose —

Correspondence with
Boodle in J.Bs possession
not published because
not necessary.

Let me not be misconceived. In Mr Boodle, besides an
honourable man, I found a discreet man: his taste was
beyond expression a delicate and one. So much as was
altogether unavoidable, so much he did say to me: — more I
could not expect or ask from him. What he did not say was

Eulogium on Boodle
he gave J.B. to understand
that the assurance
Ld Belgrave had
satisfactory —

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