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A Notes
§.3 Belgrave

all applications from me, should be squeezed into an undefined
minimum of space, that thereby they might stand
unsupported by those grounds & reasons, which, if exhibited
to the Board, would have rendered them less conveniently
susceptible of that negative to which they had been predestinated. —

My explanation with the Agent of Lord Belgrave was, I
believe, a new and unexpected incident to Mr Long. Finding
himself thus unmasked from this time forth he could never
sustain the sight of me. He grew desperate: and four days
afterwards, the first day of my catching him — not in his
chamber (which would have been barred against me) but
flying past me (as usual) in one of the passages, Your Lordship
will find him forbidding me his presence, without reason,
or pretence, then and for ever.— On saying that he was
not able to sustain the sight of me, I mean, when alone.
And whence it is, that when the interposition of Mr Nepean
rendered an interview unavoidable, Your Lordship will find
him getting the Sollicitor, Mr White, to guard him.—

Note to A2

(a) The object of the details thus given to Mr Nepean, at
the time when they could not but be fresh in the memory
of all parties, was — and was afterwards declared to be to Mr.
Nepean — to give Mr Long the opportunity of consisting them,
if he were able. —

This Letter of mine to Mr Nepean was not to sent to him
on the day of the date. I forget why: probably enough on
account of his health which about that time was frequently so indifferent
as to unfit him for all business. But on Saturday,
the 19th, I delivered it to him myself (at his house at
Fulham) and he read it in my presence — Monday

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