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A Notes
§ 3 Belgrave

Monday April the 8th, Mr Long not at office: a very frequent
incident: Monday, a rare day with him.

As to the "contract" mentioned in my above mentioned Letter
to Mr Long, together with his "supplemental article" I need
scarce observe to your Lordship, that there was an end to it,
& every thing belonging to it.—

In another section (§.8.) I shall have occasion to enter
more particularly into the details of the above mentioned
forced interview, in which the rupture of all intercourse with
me was declared by him. In the course of it, momentary as
it was, I however snatched a particle of time, to speak to
him about Lord Belgrave. I assumed the fact of his Lordships
interpositon, as a fact too notorious to be dissembled. I conjured
him as a friend to Belgrave — if such he was — not to sacrifice
the true interest of the noble family to the caprices of one
member of it. I begged of him to see his Lordship's own
agents — and satisfy himself upon their reports whether the
establishment, upon the terms eventually agreed on, would not,
instead of detriment to the Estate, be a most signal benefit.
to it. We were by this time arrived at his Chamber. A
Gentleman unknown to me was present. Was not this
a time for him to have said (had he been able) you
remember what passed when I pledged myself to you that
no influence would ever more be permitted to obstruct
the business. (See D.I.p.) He durst not touch upon the
subject or hear me touch upon it. He cut me short instantly,
and changed it. The very mention of the subject
was an accusation of perfidy, & his silence was a confession
of it. —

I impressed soon afterwards upon Mr Nepean that this
was the real stumbling block: I used my endeavours over
and over again though that channel to obtain an acknowledgement of

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