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Click Here To Edit C 5. Breach of faith 1<hi rend="underline">st</hi> Previous Contract SS.5- Breach of faith 1<hi rend="underline">st</hi>- Previous Contract.-

I have now to lay before your Lordship in their several
details, the several distinct instances of breach of faith
by which the plan of perfidy, as above delineated, was
gradually unfolded and brought to light. The only declared
and ostensible purpose, for which the purchase of the Salisbury
estate was determined upon, was of course the application
of it to the uses of the Penitentiary Establishment: of this
declared purpose it is scarce necessary to observe, that the
accommodation to the noble proprietor of that estate did not
constitute any part. From these considerations combined, your
Lordship will be able to frame a tolerably decisive test, of the
views by which the Treasury porceedings were directed, if not
at the time when the purchase, as above, was first proposed
to me, at any rate a considerable time before the middle of
Novr 1799 when it was compleated. If in relation to this estate,
those several steps were uniformly and regularly taken (as occasion
called for them) which were necessary to the application of
the estate to such its ostensible and only lawful use, then for
such time such line of uniformity and consistency was persevered
in, it is but a fair conclusion, that an intention of
carrying the establishment into effect, and the law in this
behalf into execution, was really entertained: if, on the other
hand, whatever steps were necessary to the execution of that
only lawful purpose were uniformly refused, and such steps
alone taken or permitted to be taken, as were necessary to
the affording to the accommodation, resulting to the noble
proprietor of the estate, it will then follow, by an inference
which it would afford me some amusement to see either
of the Honourable Secretaries attempt to do away, that the
sole object in view, at least from the time of the first of
the instances of refusal above spoken of, was the accomplishmentof

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