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C §§ 5 Breach of faith 1<hi rend="underline">st Previous Contract —

of that private job, the pretence of given execution to the
law was a false pretence, and the plan of persisting
in a course of disobedience to the law was then, at the
latest, formed, and from that time forward persevered in,
by Mess<hi rend="underline">rs. Pitt, Rose and Long, till the time of their
going out of office, as from that time to the present it
has been persevered in by their respective successors.—

According as the one or the other of these two different
intentions, appears to have been the real spring of
action, your Lordship will consider the line of conduct
pursued by the above mentioned gentlemen as an open legitimate
and honourable line of conduct, pursued by them,
under and by virtue of the law, in execution of their respective
duties, or as a clandestine and dishonourable line
of conduct, pursued by them in despite of the law, in consequence
of a conspiracy to obstruct & prevent the execution
of it. In using the word conspiracy, I do not mean to
use it in the technical and legal sense, as significative
of the sort of Act act which under that technical
name, ranks in the number of those sort of acts which
are punishable by law. I do not take upon myself
in relation to this point, so much as to enter upon
the question, much less to decide upon it, whether such
conduct as your Lordship will see in proof, upon the face
of the documents, is or is not of the number of those species
of conduct which, under that or any other name
are punishable law. I do not take upon me to say, that
the wilful and deliberate waste of the public money, on
the part of the First Lord of the Treasury is an act punishable
by law. What I do take upon me to say, and am
prepared to prove, is — that a sum of money, to the
amount of £12.000, was on the same day in October or November 1799

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