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§ 5 Breach of faith 1<hi rend="underline">st</hi>. Previous Contract —

the conveyance has not been preceded by some such preliminary
assurance. It may surely be set down as an act
of negligence — not to say imprudence — on the part of any
individual who should embark his time, his money, and
his expectations in a course of labour so troublesome, tedious
and expensive, as that which is necessary to the completion
of a conveyance, without taking a pretty early opportunity
of securing to himself that ground of assurance which an
agreement of that sort with the help of a Court of Equity
will afford him, for satisfying himself that the plans of
life he has grounded on the acquisition of the money or
estate in question will not be defeated — that the time,
trouble, & expence, will not be thrown away.—

Besides the general reasons, in the particular case
in question there were circumstances that afforded particular
reasons of a still more urgent nature. In the first place,
in the Act by which the powers in question were created
those compulsive clauses were inserted, which are never omitted
in any of the numerous class of Statutes, of which every
Session is productive, laws in the object of which included
the purchase of lands or tenements for some purpose or other
of public use: and of which laws when made, the due
execution is as far from being ever omitted or refused to be
performed as often as occasion calls for it. In the present
instance however so it happened that the expectation
entertained by me of seeing the sale-compelling powers of
the law in question, as far as occasion called for it, had
been expressly and avowedly numbered among my absurdities
and ignorances by the learned gentleman of whose urbanity
your Lordship has already seen a specimen, the
learned gentleman to whom the public is indebted for
the luculeney of expression, cleaness of method, and adequacy of

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