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Breach of faith 1st Previous Contract

of provision, exhibited by that Act, as well as for the same
qualities as display'd in so many other financial Acts as
have flow'd from the same prolific source: from which it
should seem to follow, by a consequence not far short of a
necessary one, that this Act on which for so many years
I have so unfortunately been pinning my faith, was not
from the very first contrived or penned with any better or
other intention or design that that of servng me as a bait
for gulling me out of my money: a consequence which,
I well remember, when communicated to the learned
gentleman was not received by him as constituting any
objection to the construction so put by him upon the offspring
of his own inventive genius, nor as contributing
in the smallest degree to excite in his liberal and honourable
mind, any such idea as that of impropriety or
injustice. Such was the construction put upon the Act
by such high opinion: and what is still more such was
the construction that even then had been already put
upon it three or four preceding instances (the instances
alluded to in my printed Evidence before the Committee of
Finance) by the uniform practice of the Treasury persevered
in for as many years. Now my Lord, so it was, that the
then; and very happily still existing Most Noble proprietor
of the estate in question was willing enough to part with
the said estate upon reasonable terms. But Noble Lords,
however exempted from the action of the compulsive powers
of the law of the land, are not more exempted from
the law of mortality, than those unprotected worms, such
as myself, who were made to be trod upon by Noble
Lords, Right Honourable, and Honourable gentlemen, and
their retainers: and an event capable of happening at any
time, and which happen when it would, would have

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