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SS 5 Breach of faith 1<hi rend="underline">st</hi> Previous Contract

nothing at all extraordinary in it, was- that the willingness
which existed in so adequate a degree on the part
of the then Most Noble proprietor of that estate, might not
be shared in any degree by his unknown and unascertainable successor in the same.-

In the next and last place, other land in addition
to the Salisbury estate, was necessary and was afterwards
officially recognized to be necessary, to the purpose of establishment:
& the compliance of the parties concerned in
interest in such other land, would naturally be influenced
and that in no inconsiderable degree by the determination taken
in regard to that principle part of the intended lot.
But an agreement for the execution of a conveyance is a
contract sooner entered into - sooner by months (I am
sorry to add) sometimes years, than the conveyance undertaken
for by it: so that, as, upon the execution of such
previous contract might depend, in the first place, whether
the establishment should be begun at all, so also in the
second place, whether, supposing it predestineated to be
begun upon, it should eventually be begun upon in the
course of the then approaching season for such works
or not till some other season subsequent to it.-

By the tenor of the next ensuing mass of correspondence
your Lordship will see this Previous Contract applied for
by me on the grounds and for the reasons already mentioned
the application acceded to on the part of the Treasury, and
that accession evidenced by a determination recorded on the
Treasury Books: and official direction in consequence given
by an official Letter from Mr Secretary Long so Mr White
the Sollicitor to the Board: that direction followed by a
refusal - contemptuous and peremptory refusal - to obey it on

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