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Mr Bentham's Evidence

substituted to the Steam Engine, and the System of Contrivance
underwent a correspondent Change. Being in daily Expectation
of receiving the Sums stipulated for in the intended Contract
(the Heads of which were settled in what was then the proper
Office early in August 1793) and the Demand I had made
of the Spot I had found appropriated to the Penitentiary
Establishment (an Appropriation since confirmed by the Statute
of the 7th July 1794) having been acceded to by a Memorandum
in my Possession in the Hand of the Chancellor of the Exchequer,
and being under the Necessity of keeping the Works going on,
under Pain of suffering the Dispersion of a Collection of Workmen,
who in that Event would not for a Length of Time, if ever, be
to be replaced, I made Shift to keep up my Advances under
Circumstances of great Difficulty and Inconvenience; and it was
in Consequence of Representations to the above Effect that the
Imprest in Question was made to me - In the mean Time
Cast Iron Work had been ordered by me for the Frame of the
intended Building to the Amount of several Thousand Pounds,
of which Order as much was executed as came to within a
Hundred Pounds of the neat Produce of the nominal £2,000
advanced to me as above. My Expenditure, over and above the
£2,000 received, does not now, if I include Interest, amount
to so little as £9,000.Of the Fruit of this Expenditure, some
Part would now be lost, although the Penitentiary Establishment
were at length to be set on Foot, and if it were not,
almost the whole. It is too late now to revert back to the
Steam Engine; the Capital which was to have set it a going
is gone; my Brother's whole time is engrossed by his
Official Situation; and at my Time of Life, and after my
Experiences, it is now too late for me to return to a manufacturing
Speculation, into which no Prospect of ordinary
Advantage would even then have tempted me. —

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