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Mr Bentham's Evidence

Question 2nd — Do the Advances you speak of make any and
what Difference in the Terms you expect? In the Event of
the Contract's being carried into Execution, or in the Opposite
Event, do you expect any Thing, and what, by Way of Indemnification
on that Score?

Answer. — In Circumstances such as mine, it is natural
enough, I believe, for the Idea of Indemnification to present
itself: but as often as I have set myself to consider in what
Shape, by what Persons, and in what Manner it was to be
brought about, the Appearance of Feasibility had seemed to
desert it altogether. There was a Time, if my Memory does
not deceive me, when the Idea of eventual Indemnification
used now and then to be alluded to on the other Side as a
Matter of course: But this was long ago; and the Damage,
which might at that Time present itself as lying within
compass, has since received such an Increase, that its very
Magnitude may by this Time be considered as having formed
a Bar to Indemnification. An issue which I have for some
Time been training myself so the Expectation of is, that Dispositions
will remain; that Difficulties will accumulate; that this
will go on till all Recollections are at End; and that thus
Execution and Indemnification for Non-execution will glide
away together. After the Difficulties I have found in obtaining
Attention for Measures which I could speak of boldly as beneficial
to the Public, it may be imagined whether I can
have Confidence enough left for coming forward with Claims
of a Tendency such as I could not myself represent as
otherwise than purely burthensome: And after having for
such a Length of Time been permitted to entertain Prospects
such as those delineated in the Plan which the Committee
have before them, it is easier to conceive than express the
Reluctance with which, were it even in my Power, I

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