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Mr Bentham's Evidence

should see myself fastened as a dead Weight upon the Public I had
hoped to serve. As to Terms, mine is not a Situation to
make Terms. Were I to say, "I cannot do so and so upon
"such Terms," the Answer might be, "then it cannot be done
"at all."

Turning aside from what some in my Situation might
call "Justice;" considering what, if any Thing, in the Way of Compensation,
retained a Chance of being found practicable, an
Idea that occurred to me not by long ago was, that, in the Event
of the Penitentiary System's being proceeded with, there might
perhaps be no great Objection to the turning over the Convicts
to me a little earlier than would otherwise be done, to be
provided for under the present Plan, until the Penitentiary
House should be in Readiness for their Reception. As, since
the passing of the Act of 7th July 1794, it was impossible that
the Persons now occupying the Situation in Question should
not have long ago made up their Minds to the parting
with it — as they have already retained it so much longer
than they could have expected, while I have been kept out
of my expected Situation so much longer than I had Reason
to apprehend — as under such Circumstances the Reputation
of the Persons in Question could not suffer the smallest Prejudice,
from a Transfer made and declared to be made from no
other than such a Cause — the Idea seemed to me to be
free from Objection on that Score. a Step would thus be taken,
and might be taken immediately (for no more than Three
Month's Warning is requisite) which would evidently and declaredly
be a step, and that a decisive one, towards the
Establishment of the Penitentiary System: The opportunity I
should have of becoming acquainted with the Characters I
should have to deal with would be accelerated, and the
Transition would thus be smoother in many Respects, than

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