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Mr Bentham's Evidence

if Persons as well as local Situation were at the same Time to
be comprehended in the Change. This Idea I have accordingly
ventured to suggest, and though it has not yet been complied
with, the Reception given to it was not altogether a discouraging

As to the Annual Allowance per Head, since the Approbation
give to my demand of £12,(which was in July 1793)
the Allowance to the present Contractors on the Hulk Plan has
throughout been raised a Penny a Day per Head, amounting
by the year to £1..10s..5d; the Rise in the Price of Provisions
having been the evident Ground of this Allowance, the same
Indemnification would not, I suppose, be thought unreasonable
in my Case.

Question 3.— Do you think you should now be able to exhibit
Vouchers for, or distinct Statements of, the Expenditure of the
£9,000 you speak of? —

Answer. — I have taken Care to preserve Vouchers for the
Money expended in Materials for the Building itself, to an Amount
more than equal to what I have received: as above; and for the
Rest, I should that satisfactory Vouchers might be collected,
although, the Money being my own and no Conception entertained
of any Occasion for accounting to or with any Body
on the Subject, I had no Reason for keeping Vouchers as such.
In March 1973, on my applying for the £2,000, which I
did through Mr Nepean (then Under Secretary in the Home
Department) my Brother delivered or produced to that Gentleman
a hasty sketch of an Account, drawn up in obedience to a
Suggestion made at the Moment for that Purpose. At that
early Stage of the Concern it contained (I remember) Articles to
the Amount of above £4,600, after which it was needless
to look out for more. Upwards of £500 of it was for Patents
which are become of so old a Date, that before I

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