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Mr Bentham's Evidence
and finished work are both of the bulkiest Kind ; and a
prompt Communication with the Market is indispensable.
Vicinity to the Metropolis is a Condition much insisted upon by
the original Planners of the Penitentiary System (and most of
all by Howard) for the Purposes of Example and Inspection.
If a Place could exist, of which it could be said that it
was in no Neighbourhood, it would be Tothill Fields. Two
Prisons and Four or Five Poor-Houses of different Sorts already
in Existence, will surely be sufficient to shut the Door against
Objections on the Score of Neighbourhood. I can say from Measurement
, that no House of an Account superior to a Traderman's
or a Public House stands within a Quarter of a
Mile of the intended Building.—

The Persons principally interested in the Character of Proprietors
have been applied to with that Respect and Reverence which is
their due: a formal or decided Consent is more than I have to
boast of; but Symptoms of Acquiescence were manifested, and
none of Opposition: The Opinion of professional Advisers was declaredly
in favour of the Measure.—

To speak with Confidence of the Disposition of several Thousand
Inhabitants, possessing rather a nominal than a real
Interest in the Character of Commoners, will not be expected, of
an Individual by whom they have not been canvassed; but, as
far as Assurances can be depended upon, from a Quarter the
best qualified of any for affording such Assurances, assistance
much more likely than Opposition would be to be expected
from that Source. They had authentic Notice long ago (though
from another Quarter) and not the smallest Symptom of Opposition
was then manifested, nor has been since.
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