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Secret Plan for rendering the purchase useless

12 Jany 1802

§.2 Probandum

To render in some plans the purport, as well as in all places
the draft and object, of the following sheets intelligible,
it will be necessary for me to state thus early, as a
proposition to be proved indeed, but as a proposition
of which the proof will unhappily be but too incontestable,
that some time in the month of February 1799, at the latest, in consequence
of a promise made to Ld Belgrave by
Mr Long, or by somebody for Mr Long, or by Mr
Long for somebody, it was a determination was taken,
(if not even before such promise, and even before the proposal
of the purchase there to be made, as above and since actually
, of the estate of Ld Salisbury) that that the Penitentiary
Establishment, "required" by the Statute of the 34 Geo. 3. c.84 to be
set on foot, should never be set on foot, and that the
law on that behalf and the faith so often pledged
to me, and so often broken,+ should be accordingly
be definitively and utterly broken, at any price
to the utter relinquishment of the Penitentiary system, by
any means, and at any price.

+ in the course of
so many preceding
negotiations, relative
to so many other
spots of land for
building on,

It is necessary, for the sake of truth and candour
to part with the mass cloud of uncertainty enveloping it,
what in fact remains in the reality still enveloped in that mist cloud. I must
therefore set out with stating it as a matter in
respect of which, I am , still unable to form any decided
opinion, whether even at the time when the first
overture of the purchase was made to me as above
by Mr Long, a determination a determination had been thus early
taken either by him, or by somebody else for him,
that the land when purchased should never be
applied to its professed ostensible and only lawful professedly contended purpose, or
whether, the land having been purchased partly in compliment to
Ld Salisbury, and partly in the view of applying it to that the
only lawful purpose, that design had afterwards been laid
aside and the taken, to leave the land unemployd

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