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Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless

12 June 1802

§.2. Probandum

design of keeping it from being ever applied to that use
and to put an end to the Penitentiary Establishment as
and thence, by necessary consequence, of putting keeping the Penitentiary
a necessary consequence accomplishment of the leaving the land
establishment from being ever set on foot,
unapplied to its only lawful purpose, was a design
conceived and determined not till upon, not till
-termination taken after the purchase made, and
solely in compliment to Ld Belgrave.

This uncertainty, in respect of the time first date of
the formation of a plan, which in either case I am
inclined to hope think will appear to your Lordship a sufficiently
perfidious and indefensible ingenious and unwarrantable one (for as to punishable criminality,
it is a question beside as well as above my competence)
will not be found to be attended with any correspondent uncertainty with regard to the practical
result and inference, so far as concerns the establishment
which ought by law so long ago to have have
been committed to my charge. In shaping the proposition
to be proved, I shall therefore in the first instance at least, give it
that form, which belongs to it, on the supposition
that the notification of Ld Belgrave's pleasure was the event
from which the determination of acting in disobedience
to the Act of Parliament took its date: that it
was at that point point of time, and no earlier,
that the determination was taken of wasting
the public money, expended in the purchase
of Ld Salisbury's estate, and that, at the
time it was that the determination for the expending of the money was
taken, that it the money should be so expended there was
as yet no determination taken that+ it should
be wasted expended the capital so employed should be
be wasted suffered to be in waste
the mass of fixed capital thus purchased, should be
suffered prevented from being applied to the only the
purpose for which the expence of it had been incurred.

+ it should be
an expenditure
without use.

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