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§.2. Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless

12 Jany 1802

§.2. Probandum

1. That In the first place, all further proceedings
necessary for carrying the law into effect—all proceedings
beyond the subsequent to the transaction
by which without which the money could not have found its
way into the pocket of the noble Marquis',
were to be staved off or spun out delayed and staved off to for the greatest
practicable length of time by means of
any such incidents, all such causes of retardation, as should either arise of
themselves, added to such as or should be capable
of being made to arise, without too much
risk or trouble: in the obvious expectation no higher that in the course of the
delay, either the death of the individual interested more
particularly interested, or some other event, capable of

being set up as
a final bar to the institution,
might ,
take place
present itself,

one time or other, intervene.

2. That in In the next place, that in the mean time, all expedients,, not
attended with too much risk and or trouble, should
be devised and set to work be employed set to work for finding or making pretences, for putting an
end to the business at once. In particular
1. That though no step beyond the bare purchase
of the land was ever to be taken, yet no direct refusal
but rather an encouragement was to be held
out to me on the occasion of whatever steps I the
taking of which would come to be sollicited applied for by me
in the course as preliminary to the signature of
the contract with its attendant circumstances—the
payment of the money, and the delivery of the actual
possession of the land.

3. That accordingly any of that in the obstructions, in
as great number and variety as numerous and various as possible should be secretly
that might arise through natural ill-humour
or incapacity or otherwise in any of the
and produced, in the several offices collateral
or subordinate, offices through which the business might
have to take its course; or at any rate, that any
such obstructions, as should happen to be pledged by
+ arise, as it were of themselves, out of
any natural perversity, and ill-humour, or incapacity,

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