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Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless

12 Jany 1802

§.2. Probandum
Long's Plan

or out of by the intrigues of parties hostile to the measure,
should be carefully laid hold of, and supported,
and improved.

4. That accordingly, at the same time that I was I should be encouraged and even
commissioned and compelled, to enter into the requisite negotiations
with the several parties interested in any way in
the land, the possession of which was necessary
to make up the spot pretended to be designed for
me, that the nature of the commission should be
so contrived, that while the steps necessary to be taken
as in the nature of it would have the
by me in the execution of it would be unavoidably
be as tolerably of to give
productive of such inconvenience and irritation on the
the greatest irritation possible, and to render
part of the individuals interested, as might involve
me odious to them, and interest me if possible
me in disputes at least, and probably in law-suits,
on themselves, as well as verbal quarrels and
all means of affording a remedy or so much as
disputes a termination to such inconvenience, should
be studiously withheld from me.

5. That, besides law-suits such eventual law-suits, expedients should be employed for
leading me into expence engaging me pledging into as many sources of expence
as possible: care being taken never to afford
me any the smallest supply, that could be withholden from me, to help enable me
to defray and support such expence. N.B.
A circumstance that would naturally render this
part of the plan of operation the more promising
is the knowledge that had been obtained through
my examination before the Committee of Finance,
that, for several years before this, the expences in which
I had been engaged by the personal warrant and even instigation of Mr Pitt and
Mr Dundas, had already
absorbed the whole
of the disposable part of my property.

as to render me
in reciting
alarm anxiety and disturbance
in the neighbourhood
a degree of alarm and disturbance
whole case was taken
that I should not have
my power any
means of quieting it

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