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§.2. Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless §.2. Probanda

6. That all means of expediting the business—all

6. That, in case of any complaint on my part, in
respect of any such distinctions, all such complaints
should remain altogether without notice.

7. That all means of expediting carrying on the business, all means
of explanation with Mr Long—the Secretary having charge only one of the two Secretaries
who had it in charge—not positively forbid my making application to
me on the subject
—should be witholden from me, as much as possible
that letters, from me should remain unanswered
and unnoticed—applications for audiences, refused,
evaded, or rendered ineffective.

10. That on failure of all other chances sho and expedients,for
putting an end to the business should fail,
should be held out to be me for expecting an proposing an
encrease in the establishment number of prisoners in order that the encrease
that the encrease in the expence of the building might afford
a plan pretext for relinquishing the plan altogether
on the ground of on the alledged novelty and exorbitance on the part of
on my terms/ the terms "proposed" by me in consequence.

9. That the true countenance shewn to me and
the treatment deportment observed towards me should on
all occasions, and in all respects, be as mortifying,
humiliating, repulsive and irritating as possible: to
the end that either by silent despondency I might be
at length to "relinquish the plan altogether" of myself
or by some such expressions of resentment furnish a some such pretext
as it was hoped might be drawn from me at some unguarded moment
by the provocations that were in store for me, furnish some such
pretence to Mr Long for confessing it at once, as has been made
use of in Mr Palmer's case.

8. That all consultations, minutes, references, reports
and other proceedings, on and by which my the fate of my establishment
and my own, depended or and were disposed of, should be kept concealed
from me as much carefully as possible.

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