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§.2. Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless

13 Jany 1802.

II. That in addition to the above expedient, the delay
itself, should, after it had been spun out to a sufficient
length, be employed as a
pretext for final relinquishment, together with any other
more plausible contexts, though neither supported, nor
capable of being supported, by proof—such as the flourishing state
of New South Wales establishment—the improvements
made in the Country Jails, and so forth

II. That after a certain time consumed in staving
off a final decision, and obstructing the business in
its progress, if no ground or pretence for relinquishing
the plan altogether should have presented
itself the lapse of time themselves itself that
had thus been produced should

12. That in order to accomplish weaken my resistance
trouble, by engaging me if possible, to abandon a stronger .

12. That, in as an inducement for in the view of holding out to me a
reward for acquiescence

and pursue a weaker one in its stead, at a time when it might
according to natural probability naturally enough be supposed my spirits might be
expected to be sufficiently pretty well broken and reduced, a
prospect of compensation should, at the time of
on the mention of such relinquishment, be held out to me:
in which case, compensation being impracticable as
any tolerably adequate compensation was in
will from the nature of the case as for the want of power
the nature of the case impossible, and the persons on
whose part for affording it it were offered, had no powers for power to for granting
any thing on that score—and the refusal of all means
of explanation and discussion might be applied to the
subject of the compensation, as to the establishment for
the relinquishment of which it was to be afforded, the
discovery of the impracticability of compensation would
be as effectual a bar as the compensation, for relinquishment as
the lapse of time had been to the execution of
the plan, relinquished, wheresoever a favourable time
for the communication of that such further determination discovery should present

Whether among all these in all this catalogue of ways and means there was any one single
article left unemployed, Your Lordship will see distinctly enough
should your patience carry you to the end of the catalogue of these pages.

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