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13 Jany 1802 + 9 21
§§2 Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless 6


Long's Plan
Chances Assurances of success
afforded by this
plan —
1. in respect of
putting an end
to my pursuit by

In the situation accepted by Mr S by A most fortunate <add> happy circumstance for this plan was
then in the situation which gave birth to it.

those for whom he acted, a plan like this was no accident intrusive or extrusive — of no
that sort of measure, that in could not absurity <add>want of common sense in the plan itself, nor any want of <add> common alteration or dexterity
fact of success. The only room afforded for the in the execution of it spare, could render it
exercise of the powers of chance or prudence was any thing less than completely adequate to its
that which was afforded by intended purpose The establishment (to was not in its nature
expand to disappointment

say nothing not of the conductor) might perish die by a
violent death might be a violent or a lingering one: the coup de grace,
might be given with a better or a worse grace:
those were all the variations which the catastrophe
admitted of.

Observe my Lord — have the goodness to observe
the favourable chances which by this plan of operations Mr Secretary Long had given
himself the what a list of chances the adversary
had on his side

1 Provocation

1 I might be provoked at any time beyond endurance:
and then the game would be over in a trice and my not wanting to be : if it broken
the least <add>
spark of unguarded resentment blew me up at once, as happened in Mr Palmers case.
out any when — I my prosperity the establishment
and that its embrace was in

2 Relinquishment
through despondency

2 I might relinquish the pursuit at any time
through mere weariness and despondency: — and
time was given me for it in abundance.

3. Driving me into

3 I might grow weary of myself and of existing <add>life, to such a degree
the work: as to cut the thread of it with my own hands: and nothing was wanting that could
make me so.

4 Shortening my
life by vexation

4 My days might be shortened health might
be broken and my days shortened, without any by the mere wear
that were the norm for me and tear of vexation and disappointments. and of these an assortment, sufficing
to give many a man his quictus was provided in store for me.

5. Taking the
chance of a
natural death
in the time

5. In a word I might be die under the
experiment, at the same time that I should have died
without it, and in the natural course of things.
Mr Long Will might thus have been rid of me,
as with a little patience the traveller might have been
rid of the grasshoppers: and patience, for this purpose
at least, was not wanting to Mr Long.

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