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14 Jany 1802 B C D + 10 22
Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless 17 10

D2. Probunda
Plan of defence
which it necessitated followed it
on my
part —
1. To preserve throughout
an unruffled

6. At the very worst, and failing all chances of seeing the
establishment brought to an a determinate visibility always and it might be kept from having
a beginning — kept for any length of time so <add>ben long as gentlemen kept their — a by the mere? art of
doing nothing: — and in the art of doing nothing, nobody could be more expert than Mr

Such my Lord is the game? plan of which Mr Long;
had to paly? prove himself the Honourable General had given himself and which, with the help of his [lookers-on co-adjusters
and whisperers and assistants and sign makers of signs] of all ramblers — above
instruments on every side and below him]
of instruments you will find him
playing. A few words will point to Your Lordship pursuing: — a plan of defence indeed, but of defence
crowned all along with certain victory. [+]
the sort of game that was left for me be their
side it was indeed but a no other thing a defensive game — yet but
that sort of game in which his assistant was sure
to lose.
[+] [+] A few words will
suffice, for
point to Your Lordship
the sort of game plans that
was left for me.
My life (Your Lordship sees) together
with the prospects that had ever hovered floated round
it, was
opened to it, was devoted to perdition. To sell it de at the
good best price; — to fight the good fight — not of hope faith, but
of despair, was my — not to be wanting to myself one
to whom every body else and every thing else was
wanting — such was my only course. It was the in truth
sort of game the sort of which Chancellor Mr word that sort of game which the Sir Thomas facitious
Chancellor, describes himself as playing with [+]2 the despotic arbiter of his fate [+]2 tyrant whom
he served:
his master: a game
(in which) the state the head of one of the player parties
the state the only object of
was by the contest, at what time, and by what sort of stroke
it should be severed parted from the shoulders. Such it [+]3 [+]3 was, if
in respect of the
catastrophe: though
in its intermediate
stage, the bore a character
nearer resemblance of it foun <add> been somewhat
nearer to that.

sort of Cherokee treat probation exercise in which it was is
was the business and to be on one side to invent and inflict torments,
and on the other to endure with them: with this
differences, that in the one case, however was the illustrious illustration, and
pre-eminence was the prize of pertinacious and patient sufferance: in the
other case, [+]4 [+]4 a distinction indeed,
but that sort of distinction
which consisted in being
the visible bit of a
train of injuries and
indignities of which
even in the annals of the
through its offices Treasury no
example would be to be found.
impropriety and embittered by contempt calamity
and ignominy Such was the treat for me: Your Lordship will now see how I
went through it. the :
Your Lordship if will see it was I

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