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Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless

14 Jany 1802

§.2. Probanda

Such being the treasury plan plan on both sides of the game, I have now to lay
before your Lordship the several stages by and in the course of which
it was carried into effect
the several transactions
which gave occasion to the development of it. For
the sake of perspicuity, I will beg leave in this
place to lay bring lay the whole train group of incidents
before Your Lordship together at one view, distributed under different
heads. The several heads, as well as the several
particular and incidents comprized under each head, are made to follow one another
in the order of the time, except that in some instances,
the a succeeding track object of pursuit was necessarily started, before
entered upon, before a preceding one, had run out
its course. The effect of this intermixture coincidence is that
a document given under the head to which it more
immediately relates, may here and there be referred
back to because an object of retrospective reference
for the purpose of a transaction related under a succeeding
head. And a short note or two here and there
will serve to clear up any obscurity or perplexity
which might otherwise be the result of the intermixture.

In the course of the correspondence, besides along with the letters
which actually passed, the chief of them between
me myself and Mr Long, or rather from me to Mr Long,+
I shall may perhaps take the liberty of trespassing so far upon Your
Lordship's indulgence, as to throw in here and there, one
a few letters, which whether addressed to him or
from myself to Mr Long and another person or two others, were never
forwarded—and with which consequently neither the Mr Long
Honourable Secretary, nor myself, nor any body else is chargeable; Being written
nor even myself, till now.—Being written at the time, and given in the very words in which they
were written, they will serve to fix the facts, so far as
my own testimony may be regarded as competent to establish

one of which
simultaneously of
progress consists in
placing at the head in front
a transaction which will an which
serve as a key
to all the rest

(for it was with
this correspondence
in good measure,
as above the sort
of reciprocity which
is become a )

+ (for the correspondence
wanted but little of being,
like the sort of reciprocity
we every now and
then hear of, all one side)

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