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24 Jany 1802 + 12 24

§.2 Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless 24 12

§§2. Probenda

them. They will shew serve, in so far at least (so far as the genuineness of them
is fortunate enough to obtain credit, in point of time
as well as their truth on other points is fortunate enough to obtain
credit) they will shewserve to demonstrate as far as they go, that so far from any having drawn
attempted in any instance to draw upon invention for any of
my intention to draw upon for the particulars, I have
not so much in my memory the evident truth of the
facts does is not so much as depend dependent upon the correctness
of my memory
is not the truth of the report picture
in these particulars is not exposed to suffer so much as from the any incorrectness
in my memory: and as the allegations and other contents of them
and were at the time of writing either directly addressed, or designed
for to be communicated communication by intermediate hands, to the persons most
concerned in point of honour to dispute them, had
they been liable to dispute, this circumstance may contribute
something to the support of whatever title to
credit they the allegations may appear to present to your Lordship's
mind. As to those letters being written at the time of this date it is a
circumstance that fortunately will not rest solely on my
own assertion, any more than the fact of the delivery
of such as were really delivered. As to the distinction between
the as were sent as were delivered one class and the other it will all
along be carefully noted and expressed: by a particular eye for [+] [+] example, for such as were not
delivered, if the expedient
be not attended with too
much typographical

They will serve
to point the selection
of the worker's
mind under the
affliction pressing
upon him

Among this one and that one may perhaps be
Among these may perhaps may even be found here and there
found one which answers no other purpose in that narrative than to exhibit
that of exhibiting the impression made by the situations and incidents of
the day upon the writers mind powers, of action or endurance. This For these, it They may rise to
must be confessed, no other use can be found, than that of affording
an answer to a question which a reader in whose
bosom a speck of sympathy may now and then be may now and then find enemies of
punished— Well and when this comes to light how
what were
your feelings like it upon the occasion did you feel, and whereabouts were you at the time
how did you feel and how did you endure it?
beyond that of their affording an answer to a question
which the force of sympathy will is apt now and
then to suggest to a susceptible mind—Well —
and when this come out—what were your feelings?
and how did you endure it?

[+]2 When deliberating
on the occasion of
any such letter whether
it whether it should
go on or no, and in on
the previous question
whether it should be
written or no— Well
(I have sometimes
said to myself) I
may even as well write as
spend time in deliberating,
whether or no
to write
or not: it may serve
one day or other to help recollection
if for nothing else.

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