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§.2. Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless.

14 Jany 1802

The list of heads, to which I have now the honour
of begging your Lordships attention, is are as follows
II. Clandestine Engagement assurance with to Lord Belgrave:+
II. Prevarication and Breach of faith, respecting the promised
Previous Contract: a customary, and hence an preliminary
and in this case a particularly important, ,
to the concluding purchase. First document
1799: last document |^^^| 1799.
III. Prevarications and Breach of faith, in respect of the buying out
the subject to which the purchase was
made: a previous transaction an operation altogether necessary as
Your Lordship to the application of the
promised land its apparently destined and only
lawful use
. First document, |^^^|. 1799; last
document, |^^^|. March 1800.

III. Prevarication, vexation , and breach of faith,
respecting the supplemental spot of contiguous ground that was to have been purchased
of M<hi rend="superscript">r Wise.

IV. Plan of deceit, treachery and calumny in respect of the by an enlargement
pretended to be given to the establishment, to make a pretence
for reducing it, or "relinquishing" it altogether

VI. Total rupture of all intercourse declared

VI. Intercourse suddenly and finally broken off
by Mr Long, without warrantable cause
or even pretence, assigned or assignable. Day,
5 April 1800.

VII. Armed Memorial, and its consequences.
By armed memorial I mean a memorial
which besides backing the my application with
grounds and reasons I had referred the persons to the
pleasure of the Board, and which Mr Long refused

+ by which, in
breach and contempt
of an imperative law
in which an
undertaking was
given, that the land
then already purchased, and
paid for with the
public money, should
never be applied
to its only lawful
use.—In this
transaction at furthest
your Lordship will
see the origin and
final cause of all
that follows it.—Date
of commencement unknown:
date of discovery
1 March, 1800.

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