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§.2. Secret plan for rendering the purchase useless.

26 Jany 1802.

Entangled Complicated as your Lordship will find the mass of these
these congeries of negotiations, each of itself spun out as long
as possible, by itself and all entangled with one
another, you will not find in the whole mass
of them put together, any thing but what
a very moderate share of common sense, accompanied
by a very moderate share of common sincerity and
by a moderate share of activity, would, unless paralysed
by insincerity, have dispatched in
in the course of a few weeks. But this complication,
contrived and studied by those who occasioned caused it, was to
them an infallible and continually encreasing
resource. From misconduct, if uncomplained
of, resulted on each occasion the downfal of the establishment. But
in case of complaint, the more complicated, the
more complication, and the stronger the pretence
for putting an end to the business on that score.
The more decided firmer the resolve not to turn
a deaf ear to all complaint if possible, the stronger
the body of grounds and reasons necessary, to the
getting the better, if possible, of that resolve: and
the stronger that body of argument, the more unwieldy
the bulk of it, and the stronger the pretence
for regarding the depth of the whole business as incontestable.
and as such throwing it out altogether. The In the
hand of the very author and head instrument of all
injury, was your Lordship will see the only channel through which
any application could be made for redress
could be convey'd. Had In this state of things, had any such complaint constrained
any thing that could be made unless to the turned against the
complainant disadvantage there indeed there need have been no fear it would of course have been
of its by the way: but if in calling for
up immediately: if on the other hand, it
redress, it presented by a little too
clear to be rejected,
much more of a demonstration
exposure of the injury
wrong were a necessary
concomitant to this demonstration
of the right
involved an exposure of the
wrong, in that case the complaint was sure to be suppressed, and the indispensable complication was always ready as a pretence.

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