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§. 2. Secret Plan for rendering the purchase useless

18 Jany 1802

and predicting, on of the ground of four years sad
experience, every suffering that a mixture of
treachery and cold barbarity,+ in an irresponsible in a situation
of uncontroulable and irresponsible despotism could inflict.
But in the predictions thus advanced, Your Lordship
would not find a syllable, that was not delivered
But in thus predicting the worst that could happen,
though not at all worse than what has
happened, it was never but in the express view
and wish, nor even together without a faint without some faint
tinge of hope, how faint soever the tinge of seeing
the predicted fate, in a sense part of its rigour,
assuaged and averted or softened by the event. Even

Even though I had been assured
from the first, by as strong a body of evidence
as that hath been presented to be by them

But whatever had at any time been the state of any
removed by the whole train of subsequent events
what is more—
even though at the very earliest period I had obtained
the sad conviction which I should be
so happy, were it possible, to put from me,
my conduct could have been in each stage of the business on the each occasion on
each individual
, could have been no other than what
little different, from that which would have been
called for by a tranquil prospect of success
course of ordinary humanity and good faith,
presenting a tranquil prospect and assurance of
success. Whatsoever I was most assured of seeing
refused—and refused at any price price hazardI was
not the less bound
it was not the less incumbent
on me to ask, and asked ask in much the same way, as if I had been
assured that compliance and justice would have be
the result. For, to every circumstance of ordinary
calamity afflictive, there was this circumstance of peculiar bitterness/infelicity/ bitterness

+ not to speak of
incapacity in various
shapes and places
unprecedented consequences.

+ (not to speak
of carnal though
habitual incapacity
and unconscious involuntary
incapacity or

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