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18 May (1
Panopt Narrative


That in pursuance
of the object of the
Conspiracy, intending
all along to effect
the purchase of Ld Salisbury's
estate, for his
benefit and to prevent
its being employd
for the benefit
of the establishment,
he all along took
and promoted such measures as
were requisite for
the former purpose,
and obstructed all
such as were necessary
or conducive to
the latter.

4 That accordingly
when informed of
White's declared disobedience
to the Board
on the occasion of
the Previous Contract
(as per White No 6)
he took no measures
for giving redress or
satisfaction to J.B.
but suffered the authority
of the Board
to be treated with
utermost contempt.
J.B. to Long 11 May
1799 C.12.

5. That his reasons
for suffering this
contempt were that
the signing the previous Contract
would have counteracted
the object of the
conspiracy in several respects.

1. It would have deprived
them of the
chance of a pretence
for giving up the land
in the event of Ld
Salisbury's death

2. It would have obliged
them to take a
decision at that earlier
period in respect of
the buying out the

---page break---

Leases and thereby
either of to accept
Ld Salisbury's
offer of doing
it for £1000 which
would have cleared it
immediately, or of
J.B.'s which would
have cleared it as
effectively — or else
to put an immediate
negative on
both offers in spite
of the recommendation
of the Surveyor General
and the promise
by Long to
J.B. as per C.10
J.B. to Long 24 Apr

---page break---

6 That the better to
evade the clearing the
land of the Leases
he drew the Minute
for the direction to
White, which would
have included that
point as well as
that of the previous
contract, in terms
purposely ambiguous —
— that White might
have a pretence for
d taking either course
or for doing nothing
as might be most
suitable to the object
of the conspiracy.
C11 2 May 1799
Treasury Minute

7. That being well
assured that the
carrying into effect
J.B.'s offer of buying
out the leases for
an £1000 would be
most beneficial to
all parties — most
advantageous to the
establishment — to the
individuals interested
— and to the public
purse more advantageous
than the course
he took yet for
in order to defeat
the establishment
and weary out
J.B. by vexatious
disputes and law
he on pretence
of following
White's opinion
obtained the authority
of the Board
(by false and devious
for writing to J.B.
the Letter of 20 Feb.
1880 D.8. sending
them to treat without
in of J.B.'s
representations of
the mischiefs

---page break---

8. That in sending
to White the formal
materials for
grounding his Report
for frustrating the
buying out the Leases
he purposely suppressed + J.B.'s letter
of 25 Apr. 1799
C.10 because the
reasons therein contained
would have
made it difficult
exhibited to White's
view so many objections
making the Report
which they were both
determined to have
made. + As also to
the Board.

9. That in prosecution
of the object
of the Conspiracy he
scrupled not to deliver
up a number
of families amounting
in fact to 20 or 21
and as he thought
to 38 to great anxiety
& distress. A
several of them to
considerable damage
although he was
false assured that
such would be the

10. That the making
to Government
any sums out of
the £1000 was no
part of his object.
because he has no
never proposed to
J.B. to do it at any C.10. 25 Apr. 1799
less price — and because
he had every
reason to be assured
that his plan if
carried into effect
would cost several
times that amount.

---page break---

11 That being asked having pretended
to be desirous of bringing the D. &
Ch. to capitulate, &

as a letter for the
declared purpose of convincing
the Dean & Chapter
he for that very
reason refused to
give it though he
had given a similar
one to convince Wise

That conscious that
White's Report (8)
was unfit to support
the measure
grounded on it (as
per 20 Feb. 1799 D.8)
and if produced would
have betrayd the weakness
of the pretence,
he obstinately persisted
in decrying to J.B.
the communication of
it, although pray'd
for for not only the expr declared
purpose of answering
the matter of it, and best
for his guidance
D.9.21Feb. 99. J.B.
to L.

That being apprized by
J.B. of the dangers
that attended his acting
under Long's plan for
treating(20 Feb. 1800)
and being applied
to by J.B. for instructions
for avoiding
these dangers,
he gave an answer
for the express purpose
of leaving J.B. to
vexation and ruin
by reason of these
dangers. See Wh. (8)

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