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2) 19 Mar 1802

1 2 5
Putting J.B. to
1. Treating about
2. Planning the enlarged building

2 + 3
In the
Board by suppressing
in false
1. Previous Contract
2. Measures in Law
Wise's Law
4. relinquishment

3 5
None explained

4 3
Secrecy Ld. B.

5 2
Connivance at

---page break---

Wi 14
That whereas Wises
estate was necessary
or convenient to make
up the lot of Ground,
L and had been proposed
as such by J.B. Long
the better to miscall & tenure J
B. pr B. and to make use of this business as a source
of delay
undertook to
take measures for the
obtainment of the Ground
and the at the same
with the determination
and in
the express view of rendering
them ineffectual

Wi 15
That having notice
from J.B. of a measure
which would have
saved money to Government
if Wise's land
had been bought — Long
the giving notice to
the Tenants at Will to
quit & stopping reforms
Long never intending
the land should be
bought, wilfully relinquished
taking that
step, f beca for fear
of its fixing him &
making it so much
the more difficult to
further completing
the purchase E.1
19 Mar 1799. J.B. to Lo.

Wi. 16
That in pursuance
of the plan of deceit
in relation to the land
Long having given
official instructions to
Harrison to proceed in
making it gave secret
contrary to his to obstruct it
or at least was privy
to the giving of such
instructions — and
when informed by J.B.
of the existence of them
wilfully neglected to
take measures for
causing Harrison to
do his duty.

---page break---

Wi 17
That having been
well assured of Wise's
having kept his land
disengaged from March
1799 to June 1800 by
Long's pretence of purchasing
it — and of
his having suffered
considerable pecuniary
damage for want of
the completion of the
business he notwithstanding
neglected to compleat
it to the last, notwithstanding
knowledge of the deceitful
(16) had been
made known to him.

2000 18
That in preservation
of the object of
the conspiracy, having
determined to produce
taker advantage of every
cause of delay, as well
as every other circumstance
from whence
a pretence for the ultimate
of the business
could be fabricated —
and having determined
to make use of the delay
itself as a pretence
in default or aid
of other pretences &
upon application being
made to him by
J.B. as to the number
to be built for
in the first place
avoided giving any
answer as long as he
could, and there afterwards
formed determined upon
pretending to give
an enlargement to the
Establishment for the
purpose of employing
such enlargement as
a pretence for relinquishing
it: and
accordingly did afterwards
make use
of such enlargement
as well as of the delay
he had produced as
grounds to warrant
the relinquishment
F.s. D 4. + B

---page break---

2d B. 19
That it having been
settled from the first that
the establishment
should never take
place — when J.B.
applied to have it progressed
he either gave
personal assurances
that it should never
take place, or was
privy to the giving
of such assurances
by those or somebody
else by whose assurances
Ld B. was
satisfied — and when
taxed with this by J.
B. could not attempt
to deny it. April 1800
A.1.3.5. §§3. Conn.

Recpt. 20
That upon finding
his determination of
frustrating the establishment
had got
word by the communication
of the assurances
given to Lord
Belgrave — that appearances
could not
be kept up any longer
and that it
was necessary at all
counts and hazards to
find measures to get
the relinquishment declared
by with the sanction
of the Board — and
not being able to face
J.B. any longer he
forbid his acc
declared at length the
of all personal
and required J.B.
to give in a Memorial
determinator in pretence
of putting the business

and forward by that
means, but with in the
express intention &
for the express purpose
of extracting a
pretence for the relinquishment
of it.
§§.9.6 Conn.Obs.

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