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Arm. Mem. 21
That upon receiving
such Memorial, finding
it not useful adapted
to his secret purpose
by reason of the grounds
& reasons which it presented
for the measures
which it pray'd
Nepean being then
acting as a mediator
after the prohibition
of access to J.B.
Long for the purpose
of getting that
Memorial withdrawn
and another substituted
in a naked
state, and fit as
such to receive the
direct negative or
wilful neglect intended
for it — pretended
in his conversations
with Nepean to be concerned
of the propriety
of the prayer of it —
& disposed to promote
the granting of it; his
determination intention & object
being all the same
time determined while to
bring about such
a act or disposition on the
part of the Board
as should operate
as a negative upon
11.1.Memorial 17 apr
1800. §§.10.conn.Obs.

Defarm 22
That having by such
pretences deceived Nepean,
and prepared
him for influencing
J.B. to give up the
Memorial, he appointed
a meeting, at which
he declined receiving
that as a Memorial
on the ground of informality
without saying wherein
the informality existed
and by pretending
to find fault
with the length of it
prohibited succeeded
in his attempt to
induce Nepean to
prevail upon J.B.
to give it up and to
substitute one which
should be clear of grounds
and reasons — and
ending in naked
claims precise enough
to receive a
negative — and
capable of being rejected
without reason
assigned — none
being assigned in support
of them. §§.10.11 H4.1.k 10th June 1800
1 2.9 () §10. Suppll


Supplicn. 23
That finding the
disarmed Memorial so far
adapted to his
purpose, he gave
it to the Board.
but not only suppressed
the Armed
Memorial and the
contents of it — but
likewise suppressed
a letter written by
J.B. as a proof declared
supplement to the
Memorial: because in
that letter a determination
was expressed
to submitt
to the determination
of the Board in respect
to any increased
allowance. 1.10
20 June 1800 B to L. Suppll letters

Refer. 4D. 24
That not daring to notwithstanding
finding it impracticable
to induce the
Board to put a direct
negative on the
prayer of the Disarmed
Memorial, even tho
disarmed or not
daring to propose it
as a means of
delay and further
obstruction and to check the of Nepean he prevailed
upon the Board
by deceitful surmizes his (particulars
unknown) to refer the
business to the D of
he Long having
by this time found means
to engage King and the
Duke in the Conspiracy —
all of them knowing
that there was no real ground nor justifiable
course for such
reference. the number
of the Prisoners
to build for having
already been decided
by a prior reference
K.23.27 28 June 1800

---page break---


That by suppressions
as hereafter mentioned
and false insinuations
(particulars as
yet unknown) having
prevailed upon the
Board to consent
to a reduction of
the establishment,
he accordingly obtained
their sanction
for certain Minutes
to that effect — in
which are revealed as
grounds for such
relinquishment, facts
either so false in themselves,
or so frivolous
in the character
on which they are adduced —
that so long
as he was in administration
he never
durst venture to disclose
them to J.B.
whose fate as well as
that of the Establishment
was disposed of
by them and to whom
they ought in consequence
to have been
instantly communicated.
§§.14 M.1
King 30 Sept. 1800 1. E. 15 July
N.1. March 1801.

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