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17 March 1802 1
§§ Charges against Long

Charges Articles of Charge against Mr Secretary Long.

1. That [+] [+] Wheras by the Act not only authorised but required whereas he himself in the month of December
1798 proposed to Mr Bentham the purchase of Lor the
Marquis of Salisbury's estate at Milbank Westminster
in part of the spot to be allotted for the use of the Penitentiary
Establishment. yet either at that very time
which Estate was afterwards to wit in November 1799
purchased by the Treasury as if for that purpose. Yet
either at the very time of proposing such purchase he it
had conceived the design of was his design that the preventing the establishment
from being ever carried into effect and thereby of preventing
the said estate from being ever applied to such
its professedly intended purpose — or that, if indeed
at the time of his making such proposal it was
his intention to do what depended upon him in
the course of his official duty to carry the establishment
into effect and accordingly to apply the said Estate
to such its only lawful purpose, yet at some point of time not
capable of being previously ascertained, but at any rate intervening
in the interval between the time of his making the proposal
as aforesaid and the 20th 1st of March 1800
he either himself formed the design, or adopted
it when formed by some other person or persons, to
wit his colleague Mr Secretary George Rose, his colleague in the Secretaryship
of the Treasury or the Right Honourable William
Pitt, first Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, or both of
them, the design of preventing the establishment from
being ever carried into effect — and thereby of preventing
the said Estate when purchased from being ever applied
to such its only lawful professedly intended purpose: in
contempt of the Act in that case made and provided
and in violation of the public faith, as pledged to Mr
Jeremy Bentham by and on the occasion of that Act.

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