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Let me test be mistaken misconceived. In Mr Boodle, besides
being an honourable man, is I found a discreet man:
his taste was beyond expression, a delicate and
irksome one. So much as was absolutely necessary altogether unavoidable
would say not really to me So much he did say to me: more I could not expect
or ask from him. What he did not say, was
that Mr Long, or any other person by name had in terminis
made that or any other promise. What
he did give me to understand, and in a manner
not to be mistaken – for I pressed him upon
it to the very verge of decency – was – that
the assurance observed by her noble principals had obtained full assurance was a satisfactory one
– and such as I should find their conduct
governed by, beyond a doubt. I stren
produced to him a letter – an official letter
signed Charles Long, assuming the continuation
of the plan as usual, and spoke announcing
of representation upon representation money as about to be issued to me for buying out
upon me a taste which threatened to be as the Leases upon the Salisbury Estate, and calling
endless as it was unnecessary upon me to enter into treaties with the Lepers about the terms. "Why for" (says
I) "if what you tell me be correct, this letter
"is of itself enough to cover them with infamy.
He took it – read it – returned it – and said
it made no difference. – Not long after I
met him in the street by accident. He came
up to me – took up the subject of himself – addressed me
in the kindest accents –
spoke of my fate as fixed – and observed saying
"there was nobody, but must sympathize with me."

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