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§ 3Clandestine engagement with Lord Belgrave Mar 1 1800 Mar 15 1800

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Not sent.
Grosvenor Opposition
Conversation with Boodle
Letter requested to render it hopeless.

A3 [Not sent] Mr Bentham to Mr Long. 1 March 1800
Belgrave Mr Opposition – Caprice against interest, the source – Letter asked, to quell it. Queens Square Place Westmr Mar. 1st 1800

In answer to a Letter of mine to Ld. Belgrave, of the 17th of
December last, requesting his assistance in the proposed Tothill
Fields Appropriation Bill, I received from his Agent, Mr Boodle,
on the 19th of the last month, a refusal, which I took for a dilatory
one, but which, on a verbal explanation with Mr Boodle this
day, turned out to be intended as a peremptory one.

To my enquiries on what points the refusal turned, Mr.
Boodle answered with great candour, that Lord Grosvenor and
Lord Belgrave were both fully sensible, that if the Penitentiary
Establishment were indeed to be set down, any where in the
Neighbourhood, the damage to the Grosvenor Estate would be considerably
less, were the Building to be on the proposed spot on
Tothill Fields, than if it were on any part of Salisbury
Estate: but that, in the latter event, the damage to their
Estate would be so immense, and so much beyond the
reach of calculation, that they could not persuade themselves
that their remonstrances against it should be otherwise than

To prove to him the grounds of my own persuasion
to the contrary – in addition to the arguments, which the case
affords, & which (I am satisfied) you will willingly excuse me
from repeating, I shewed him your official Letter of the 19th
instant, relative to the buying in the Leases: asking him whether
he had any written evidence of any later date, or of any
date, to which he could refer me in support of the persuasion
entertained, as he said, by the noble Lords of his principals. To
this question his answer was in the negative.

It may be proper you should be apprized, Sir, that this
supposed damage, which has not been made the subject of

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