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19 Feb. 1802

Mr King and I were not did not meet as Avengers –
We had met every now and then at different houses. Once, for the
declared purpose of seeing the modes – though in
without previous notice and in my absence – he had been at mine. Wasting
no time according to the intentions declared in
the above letter, I was received on the footing
of an acquaintance. It was not with
him nor with Mr Long: a more easy – a
more pleasant reception – a man in my place
could not have desired. The same would have been
more picturesque if I had given Mr King a Saracen's
head. But what I am painting is history, not caricature or satire.

I had in allthree audiences. Between the 30th
of Sept. 1799 and the 15th of October 1799 the next month I
had in all three audiences.

In the first (1st October I think it was) little was done. Mr Long had
given Mr Nepean to understand there had been
reference – a reference made from the Treasury
to the Duke of Portland's – the Secretary of States Office. Mr King,
on my mentioning this, recognized a conversation:
a conversation between him and Mr Long. As to
a written reference in writing – he
did not know there was one – he did not know
there was not one. The Clerk to whom it belonged
to know, was rung for: he was not at this at the moment he happened not to be at hand. At
once the proposal of Mr King, I waited for his
return. Mr King at his other business: I amusing
myself with some pamphlets. The Clerk did not return,
inquiries made of another were in vain. Mr King's

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